Easy Ways to Encourage the Family to Budget

It can feel really difficult when you are trying to budget but the rest of the household is not or they are putting pressure on you to spend money on things. Therefore, it can be a good idea to think about what you can do to encourage them to be more helpful.

Talk to Them About Your Reasons for Budgeting

It can be worth telling everyone what your reasons are for wanting to budget. Even young children should be old enough to understand. If they are old enough to ask you to buy them things then they should be old enough to understand about money. There could be all sorts of reasons why you are trying to stick to a budget and there are likely to be advantages for all family members if they all help out. This means that you should think about ways that you can include them in your reasoning so that they have more reason for wanting to help you budget. Even if you are paying off debt, which might just seem boring and irrelevant to children, you can explain that once it is repaid there will be more money available all the time as you will no longer be paying for the loan anymore.

Explain What They Can do to Help

It can be good to have a family discussion about what everyone can do to help. Make sure that you start by explaining what sacrifices you will be making because then others will be more likely to be happy to do their bit as well. If they think that it is only them that have to change their ways and give things up then they may feel like it is really unfair and decide that they will not do it. Some family members might be spending the household budget so they will be able to act directly. Others may just ask to be bought things and so they can make a difference by not asking anymore and not expecting to get expensive items or lots of treats. You can even tell them specific things that you will cut back on.

Set Them a Budgeting Challenge

It can be fun to try to work together as a family on the problem and maybe even set yourself some sort of contest. You could brain storm ideas on ways that you could cut back your spending. You could see who can come up with the idea that saves the most money. You could even see who can reduce their own personal spending enough to save the most money. Obviously, this will depend on the ages of all the household members and you will need to find something that will suit everyone involved. It can make the whole thing seem more fun and more like a game and hopefully lighten the atmosphere as well.

Keep a Reminder

It can be a good idea to make sure that you keep a constant reminder to the family that they need to help you stick to the budget. This might be a weekly meeting where you can keep the informed as to how successful plans have been or just a note somewhere. It can really help take the pressure off, even with small children if they know they should not be pestering you to buy them things, so a gentle reminder can really help. Hopefully, they will not ask so often and it will be much easier for you to spend less as it can often be very difficult to resist when they ask for things, particularly if they get upset normally when you refuse.

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