All of the staff here at Welsh Loans really want to help those that do not have much money. We have all experienced financial problems in the past and want to help others so that they do not suffer like we have done. There are lots of things that we can all learn to help us to improve our situation even in the most extreme circumstances and we want to pass this on to as many people as possible, This is why we have put together lots of information about money which we hope will be accessible to all. Our hope is that even if everyone that reads the information on our site picks up one small tip, they will be better off. Hopefully, they will take on more than though and we can help lots of people make more significant changes to their financial situation. We believe that it should not be hard to do this and we hope that the information we provide will be a good starting place to help lots of people get more confident with their money, have a better understanding of using it well and making the right financial decisions. We hope our articles will be a springboard for more action to be taken.